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All You Need To Know About Transparent Clip Arts

Transparent means that a clip art, sticker or any other picture has a transparent base. That is an element with a transparent background. For what it is necessary, probably everyone who has ever worked in a program for creating graphic design knows. Everyone can create a transparent clip art using even ordinary standard graphics software such as paint. There are many different software from complex to very simple. For example: the GIMP, Inkscape, Mypaint, Livebrush, Photoshop and many others.

Let's talk about one of the most common and professional software for creating graphic design - Photoshop. In fact, everything that you draw on Photoshop is written on separate transparent layers. So first you need to create a transparent sheet in the size that you need.


Further, you draw or collect photos, or pictures on this sheet, each layer of the drawing will be transparent.

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If you want to make from a non-transparent image, for example, with a white background, a transparent image, then for this you will need an eraser tool. Highlight the white background and remove it. If the background is not white, then this is also easy to handle. In order not to remove the extra details of the picture, select it with the magic stick (W), then create an Invert (shift + ctrl + I) version of the selection. Then use the Background eraser (E) to remove the background you need to make transparent.

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